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Wellness Wednesday

Hey Temple Training Fam!

We are here to help you change your game! We want to pray with you, lift you up, offer advice, and show you how to eat well and become your fittest self.

Let’s talk about health and wellness, shall we? There is somewhat of a privileged aspect to our society’s idea of “wellness.” It seems to be limited to a particular group of people, and “you won’t get better” unless you do this workout, buy these supplements and meditate for three hours. And, you guessed it! There’s a fat price tag attached to said wellness products or experiences.

THIS IS NOT OKAY. THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH. I’m going to begin by letting you all know that your worth and quality of life are NOT based on the next best anti-inflammatory magic pill. Yes, we are blessed by MANY gifts of the earth to heal and nourish ourselves, but they are just tools — not idols.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Eating well, exercising, self-care time, all of these trends when in the right context, are extremely helpful in pointing ourselves back to Jesus. Because guess what? We can’t do it. But He can. Not only that, taking care of ourselves is stewarding our beautiful temples and honoring to our Creator(have you all heard about our 6-week challenge?!)

Today, the gap needs to be bridged, and we want to help you meet your goals and needs in the best way for YOU possible.

Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction, without breaking the bank.


+START OFF STRONG: Reading the Word every day will change your game. Fill your soul so that the nourishment comes from the inside out. Did you know that negativity or stress can inhibit your body from getting the nutrients you need? Getting that good dose of Jesus will ensure that you will have the strength to fight outside harm, and the ability to soak in outside healing (community, eating well, etc.)

+UTILIZE LOCAL RESOURCES: The library has free wifi! You can use it to research alternate ways to help your body heal, learn the basics, and not get swept away in the trends. Veggies will always be good for you, be they organic or not! Look up local food pantries, farmers markets, community gardens, even your friend’s garden (or plant your own if possible— super cheap way to get lots of good veggies in). These places have free or lower-priced produce for you and your family.

+STAY HYDRATED: Invest in a reusable water bottle if possible, many places will fill a water bottle for free, or you can get free cases at a local food pantry.

+MAKE TIME FOR EXERCISE: Whatever you love to do, I can assure you if there is a will, there is a way. Use the outdoors to run, walk, or hike. Use local parks to get some pull-ups and pushups in and do “box jumps” off a park bench. The world is your gym! Not to mention, Coach Drea posts the workouts for every day on Temple Training’s website right here! Talk to us to see if we can figure out a plan that works best for you!

+BE KIND: to yourself, and others.

Wellness is attainable for everyone; we need to make good use of the options we have available to the best of our ability. Limited resources will heighten your sense of creativity, and the Spirit of power and Love inside you will bless you with the ideas and motivation you need to see this journey through.

Get started TODAY!!

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