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Healing Your Relationship With Food

Hey Temple Training Fam!

Hope you are all well today.

We are going to dive into something a little heavier, but something that should be addressed: our relationship with food. For some this is a restrictive dieting cycle, for others it results in body dysmorphia or binging.

You may find yourself pressured to socially eat, or even feel judged because you are too afraid to eat in front of others. Friends, I have to be honest with you. I have experienced almost all of these things and more.

I got to a point where I was so lost and confused and sad, that I honestly did not know where to turn. Completely exhausted emotionally and physically, I realized that I COULD NOT LIVE THIS WAY ANYMORE. When we come to the end of ourselves, so begins the healing. We must be emptied of the garbage in order to be filled with the TRUE nutrients.

I don’t think we were meant to be controlled by carbs. To be fighting with fat. To measure our meals down to the last crumb! If you are battling with these things today, I want you to know you are heard, you are seen and you are so loved. Our Creator designed His beautiful beings to live lives of abundance, of superadded joy. Superadded is such extraordinary LOVE that we can’t help but overflow into everyone’s lives around us.

Desperately I want to tell you that I was healed in an instant and suddenly free from it all. It is not easy, it does not happen in a day. But you are worth it. You are worth the process. You are worth the price Jesus paid on the cross.

For me, this was a slow unfurling of symptoms so strong they seemed like roots, and roots finally being revealed, and forgiveness (so much forgiveness—of myself and others) and amazingly stepping into my true identity. I still fight. Through Christ I have the strength to stand against this attack and continue to win. Minaa B says it so well “…[H]ealing is a requirement. I don’t get to bypass it and I don’t get to sweep it under the rug because not only do I heal for myself, I must heal for those around me, for my community and for the sake of my lineage.” This is everyday work, my friends, but the fruit I will yield from staying the course will impact future generations! That is incredible.

So will you! There is a Father who cares for you so deeply, and has fully equipped you to conquer. He cares about our coming and going, our eating and sleeping. He even blessed us with an internal communications system that alerts us to when we are truly hungry and what our body needs to be eating (the next blog post will be more in depth on cravings, asking the right questions, etc.)

This may seem a silly thing to write about; food? It is important I believe because it is an idol for so many of us, especially in this country of seeming “abundance.” We are weak to sugar, to fast food, to things that truly can damage our bodies and contribute to the global chronic disease crisis. Many diseases and ailments of our day can be solved with what we put in and on our bodies.

Each of us is unique and will experience different journeys. I encourage you to keep in mind who you are, and WHOSE you are, how precious your body, soul and mind is and the price that was paid for it. Coach Drea said something I had never heard before, but it really resonated with me: “We owe it to God to treat ourselves well.” Let’s build one another up in this struggle! It is real! Conquering in one area of your life will lead to victory in all aspects. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” [JOHN 16.33]

Challenge today:

1.Mediate on this scripture: PSALM 139.13-16

2. Make a list of your favorite Truths that Our Creator speaks over you i.e. “I am worthy // 1COR 6.11” or “I am redeemed // EPH 1.7

3. Consider signing up for our #800gramChallenge beginning on October 28th, with an informational meeting on October 23rd, 7pm at Temple Training. We want to help you through healing your relationship with food! Whether that be a word of encouragement, some one on one coaching or with this new and amazing challenge, we are here for you!


+Challenge yourself to eat something you don’t normally. For me, I was so fearful of bread, I finally tried mindfully eating something that wasn’t going to kill me, and that could actually aid my health journey in moderation.

+Buy frozen vegetables, and buy seasonal! Always cheaper. Check out ewg.org for more info regarding organic vs not, and which produce is better to buy organic. Can’t afford organic? No worries! Don’t let that discourage you. Wash all produce in himalayan salt, and keep getting in those greens.

+Love yourself through this process.

Get started TODAY!!

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