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Rhonda D.

“You jump started my workout regimen which got me back into the habit of working out regularly. You provided the element of accountability with regular weigh ins and measurements. You motivated and pushed me past my comfort zone, thus making me stronger. You got me back to my goal… and restored my confidence, which I thought was forever lost!”

Mya H.

“Andrea is a great trainer. Her disposition is always friendly and great. Andrea has great Job knowledge and expertise. Always effective Communication and interpersonal skills. She always gives her clients accuracy, thoroughness, productivity and goal attainment. She researches extensively, staying on top of current developments that might impact her field. She ingeniously puts the resources and tools available to her to maximum use. She demonstrates a high level of competency in the skills and knowledge required. I’m happy that I found her and that she is my trainer.”

Andrea B.

“When I was searching for a trainer, I wanted someone who would take a holistic approach to my health, challenge me physically, and be a positive role model. Temple Training has given me that and so much more. I am so happy that I hired Andrea Johnson as my trainer and have been excited to see my progress over time with her support. I started from ground zero six months ago, and I just extended my contract for another six. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed committed to a workout program. Thanks, Andrea!”

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