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Purpose for the Pause

We are all experiencing an unprecedented time in our lives. COVID-19 has most certainly thrown us a curveball. If you have not been dramatically touched by this virus, you are in the minority. Our family has suffered the loss of a family member with another testing positive for this virus. To say that we are experiencing fear would be an understatement.

Some are out of work while others are working from home. Some are homeschooling their kids and holding down their full-time jobs. Others are looking for work and praying for better days.

What can we glean from these trying times? I had the privilege of attending a webinar titled “Wake, Pray, Conquer.” The speaker (Jaclyn O’Brien Gardner) revealed that there is purpose in this pause. The whole earth is in time-out right now; we have to discern what is in our control, what is out of our control, and how do we move forward from here.

Jaclyns’ talk invited the audience to utilize this time to realize what is truly important. This revelation is the point of the blog today. I want to extend the invitation to understand the purpose of the pause. The webinar highlighted three essential areas of focus; Movement, Meditation, Motivation. Let’s be honest; we can all use accountability in every one of these fundamental areas of focus.

For the next three weeks, we will cover small habits to implement in each area that you can use now, during the pause, and possibly after things return to “normal”. This time of focus is not meant to overwhelm you; it will instead propel you. Many studies have proven that these small steps will have a significant impact on every area of your life. Wouldn’t it be amazing to use this time to take action, clear the clutter, and move forward into your next level?

To learn more and to join us for the next three weeks as we build sustaining habits around movement, mediation, and motivation during the curveball of COVID-19 go to the Purpose of the Pause event. We look forward to walking with you during this time.

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